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Treadmill Workout – 20 Minutes High Intensity

treadmill workout

20 Minute Treadmill Workout Plan

A treadmill workout can be one of the most effective ways to train when you have a busy schedule. For many of us, lack of time is often an excuse to not train, but the truth is that it is really just a matter of prioritising. The question is, do you prefer to watch an episode of your favourite TV show, or use this time to exercise instead?

This intense, short, treadmill workout will only take 20 minutes if your schedule does not allow you to train longer on certain days of the week. Many studies have shown the benefits of short intense training sessions, so add this 20 minute routine to your training schedule and you could soon see the results.

Although, this exercise session lasts only 20 minutes, it is quite sustained for novice runners. You will start the session with 3 minutes of warm-up and finish the session with 3 minutes of cool down.

Between the warm up and cool down periods, you will have to change speed and incline every two minutes. Your body will be intensely trained even though the duration of the session is not very long.

You will feel light, full of energy for the rest of the day. If you’re a more experienced runner, do not hesitate to change the speeds and incline shown in the following table, according to your level and how you feel. Good luck !

 0:00-3:00  7.5  1 (warm up)
 3:00-5:00  8.5  3
 5:00-7:00  9  3.5
 7:00-9:00  9.5  5
 9:00-11:00  10  6.5
 11:00-13:00  9.5  5
 13:00-15:00  9  3.5
 15:00-17:00 8.5  3
 17:00-20:00  7.5  3 (cool down)

We hope you enjoy this 20 Minute, intense treadmill workout. If you’re thinking of buying a treadmill for your home or gym, take a look at some of our special offer treadmills available for sale.