Intermittent Fasting The Easy Way: A No-Nonsense , Step by Step Guide to Uncover the Secret to Weight Loss, a Leaner Body, and a Better Mind

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Product Description

Why you should read this book?

This book is the culmination of the methods I have used myself for the last 3 years to get from overweight and unhealthy to fit and healthy. I then taught the same method to interested folks in my family, friends, friends of friends and total strangers. I have tried my best to not bombard the reader with unnecessary facts and loads of medical terminology, rather I have tried to use the language of everyday conversation, the same tone I would take when trying to guide a friend or family member, step by step, as they try out Intermittent Fasting with me.

Who should read this book:

Are you looking to lose weight? Do you find dieting too strict? Have diet plans failed you in the past? This book will be very beneficial to you if you are at a stage where you have decided that enough is enough and you need to do something different and unconventional to lose stubborn fat, as all other known and popular methods have failed. I give you the simplest of diet plans, that possesses immense potential, provided that you are willing to give it a try with an open mind. Think of it this way, you have tried different weight loss approaches, some easy, some difficult, but the results haven’t been what you desired; why not try another one for a month? One which has proven to show results, provided you show the burning desire to take action.

How the book is organized.

  • Section 1 – Introduction
  • Section 2 – Paradigm Shift
  • Section 3 – Day by Day Action Plan on How to start Intermittent Fasting
  • Section 4 – Bonus Chapter on Exercise Plan
  • Much, much more!

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