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Choosing a Treadmill

Choosing a Treadmill

Lack of time? Motivation down? On rainy days, dark nights, or fitting in training around a busy schedule, a treadmill may be the solution to continue to workout regularly. Check out our tips for choosing a treadmill.

Why use a treadmill?

Of course, the ideal is to go out to run in beautiful and fair weather, in a calm and relaxing environment and with enough free time to enjoy your session. Except that this perfect situation almost never happens. When you want to train regularly to relax, lose weight or to prepare for a 10km or a marathon , the treadmill remains an ideal addition to your training arsenal. However, given the number of existing models, we are sometimes somewhat overwhelmed. So here are some considerations to help you choose a treadmill.

Some practical considerations

Before focusing on the technical features of your device, you should check several criteria. First, the treadmill is a cumbersome object. Depending on the space you have, check the dimensions. If you plan to store and unfold it with each use, choose a simple and durable mechanism. Some treadmills have a folding mechanism with hydraulic cylinders which can be more expensive, but will simplify your life, especially for regular use.

Also consider checking if you have room to set up your treadmill without having to move all of your furniture. Having to move everything out of the room will risk discouraging you and pushing you to postpone the session.

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Finally, some models are not designed to carry more than 100 kg. The weight of the runner also affects the power developed by the motor and the wear of the treadmill belt. We therefore advise that you choose a treadmill designed for a weight of at least 20% more than yours.

Choose your treadmill according to your level

To choose the right treadmill, it is necessary to properly evaluate your level and your goals. This will determine which power and possibly what accessories you need.

A treadmill for playing sports from time to time

If you are an occasional runner and want to train at home, maintain your fitness and  exercise to relax, you can opt for the simplest treadmills, with no motor. For this type of training, a model without an incline function, and lower power will suit perfectly .

If you are overweight or have back or joint problems, make sure the device has soft cushioning. An efficient treadmill carpet can reduce impacts by up to 35%.

Be careful though, if you are already thinking about increasing your training and moving to sessions of more than 30 minutes, aim at the higher end models.

Choosing a treadmill to train and lose weight

For regular training, several sessions per week of more than 30 minutes per session, you will have to choose a more powerful treadmill to develop your cardiovascular system, lose weight or complete training for another discipline. More powerful treadmills are great for programs such as interval training.

With this in mind an incline function of up to 10% can be advantageous . Indeed, it allows to intensify the effort to burn more calories but also to work different muscles, adding variety to your training.

As you will use it regularly, do not neglect some accessories like a USB port to connect your MP3 player , the ergonomics of the console and the variety of the preset programs.

A treadmill for intensive training and preparation of competitions

If you are a seasoned runner, do not skimp on the power and quality of your treadmill. Choose a power greater than 2 HP and an inclination that can go beyond 10%.

Also check the running surface of the treadmill . Since you run fast, more than 10-12 km/h, your stride is longer and you need more running surface.

Similarly, opt for limited cushioning that restores the feeling of racing outdoors and will allow you to better evaluate your progress. There are some models with adjustable cushioning.

An integrated heart rate monitor can also be an interesting accessory. In any case, you will benefit by purchasing a high-performance treadmill, which will therefore often tend to be more expensive .

Seek advice from a professional

To choose your treadmill, do not hesitate to ask for advice. If you have a sports coach, they should be able to offer advice on suitable treadmill models and brands, based on your level and your goals.

We hope you found our tips for choosing a treadmill useful. Why not take a look at some of our fantastic offers on treadmills.